one hundred and seventeen sounds

In ‘the one-hundred-and-seventeen sounds my worn jeans made’, Wieke van Rosmalen explores the sounds of clothing. A dress put over your head, a zipper closing, cotton on skin. What makes us empathise with clothes? And can clothes become alive? Through a search in sound and touch, Wieke explores everything a dress, sweater, or pair of jeans can be. They become a composition of their own. They create their own music. So we can listen to them carefully. 
In this performance a dress gets the leading part. She won’t need the human body anymore. She can finally be independent. Where do music, theatre and fashion meet each other? Can theatre be fashionable? Can fashion be theatrical? Can music be touchable? Can fashion be musical? Producer: FASHIONCLASH Co-Producer: VIA ZUID Posterdesign: Mees Walter Graphic Score: Thomas de Wit Dress: Britt Liberg Sound design and composing: Reggy van Bakel Performance: Wieke van Rosmalen and Reggy van Bakel