For BOUNCEHAUS Nora Ramakers and Wieke van Rosmalen team up to investigate the
importance, but also the downside of empathy. They study the tension between individual and
collective emotions through monologues, dialogues, trialogues, geography, history, country music,
the public space, chaos, theatricality, formations, roundabouts, pollinating bees, mirror neurons,
the yeehaw agenda, line dancing and a big wall. By transforming the performative space into a
more social one they aim to enhance the interaction between performer and spectator. Together
they create a deconstructing construction of empathy and her selective mechanisms. How does
empathy work? Do we even need human flesh? Or can a rock be soothing?

Concept and execution: Nora Ramakers (alumnus Toneelacademie Maastricht) & Wieke van Rosmalen Co-production: FASHIONCLASH, VIA ZUID Talentontwikkeling in de podiumkunsten Limburg
Poster design: Kars van den Heuvel
Special thanks to: Karin van Ringen Fonds, Toneelacademie Maastricht, John de Weerd, Zaal 3,
Clifford Studio, Sara Miguelote, Nienke Nasserian, Ben Ramakers, Hennie Spronk, Wil Korving